Sunday, May 12, 2013

My 4th Stitch Fix Box

After I received box 3 last week. I contacted Stitch Fix to find out what about my profile i could improve to get pieces like I had in the past.  They offered to send me another box and I accepted. Having a trip in a couple of weeks I was hoping for a few new pieces to wear. This box is a 180 from box 3, but still left me in need of tops for my trip. 

Here's what I got: Ignore the weird faces I was taking pictures quickly in a busy schedule. 
SOPHIA SKINNY JEANS $88 (I'm wearing them in all the photos) They're dark denim 
I loved the pair they sent me of these in black so it was no question that I'd love them in denim. I was actually thinking about buying a new pair of denim skinny jeans so this was great. Keeping these.


 I wanted to like this sweater, but it's textured and it's not comfortable. It's very large at the neckline, but otherwise it fit. It didn't do a lot for me color wise so back into the box it went.

I expected to hate this, but once I put it on I loved it except for one thing.  It has 2 sheer cutouts on either side. Otherwise I loved the chevron embroidery on it and the color and fit were great for me for summer.  So I put the tank back into the box and wished it didn't have cutouts. 


Catie This piece is too long to be a shirt and it's too thin without being sheer to be a dress in my opinion. It seemed to fit well, but it was too busy and too long for me to wear it. So that's a no on this. 


This top I liked. It's cute and a good color to go with just about anything, but it's too short. If I'm carrying a purse or raise my arm for anything the top is halfway up and that sort of thing drives me nuts. So back into the box it goes as well. 

So box 4 was much more promising than box 3, but I sent back 4 of the 5 items. Only keeping the jeans. Which means I'm not off to Loft and the outlets to find some pieces for summer on my own. This doesn't excite me in the least, but it's warming up and I have my first summer trip in 10 days.

(I'm still learning to blog on Blogger, but I hope it doesn't look too bad.) 

My 3rd Stitch Fix Box

I won't bore you with how Stitch Fix works.  This month I'll jump into what I got and what I think. 
This month I asked for summer clothes. The thing is shopping in summer is tough for me. I hate my shoulders. I'm sure they're fine, but I'm not a fan of showing them off, but when I think summer clothes. I think light, simple, and dresses. My box this month 4 tops and a skirt. I'm not really sure how the items got picked for me this month. I can totally see the skirt. I have a similar one pinned that someone got in a previous Stitch Fix. I noted my favorite colors on a pin on my board and on my style profile, grey, yellow, and navy. I didn't anything in those colors. :(  I can see 1 top as I said I like loose fit on top and one is polka dots which I'm always a fan of, but well I'll try it all on and give my final thoughts, but opening this box was my first disappointment from Stitch Fix.
This is the only piece that out of the box I thought had a chance. It's a bit too purple for me, but it has pockets and could be wearable. I don't currently own any skirts. So I'll need to go shopping to find a couple tops to work with this. It's a purple-blue with cream colored birds. It does work well as a high waisted or a regular skirt and the length is something I'm comfortable with.


I like polka dots a lot. If this was a different base color it would be workable, but the pink just isn't me. I don't know what else to say about this. It was disappointing on top of the pile and on.

I like the neckline of this top and the cream base, but the "leaf print" is a bit too random for me. Plus I can't say I like the fit. I don't like to bring attention to my body much and I feel the peplum pulls attention to my waist. Which is making me uncomfortable. If it had been a tab sleeve top. I think I would have kept it. My friends and family like this top, but I just didn't feel comfortable in it so I knew I wouldn't wear it.

This top is too short.  Plus it's once again pink. From the side something screams pregnant to me. So back into the box it goes.

Oh my this is green. I like green, but in shades of mint. So this was not what I'd expect to wear in summer. Or well ever with that color. The big issue with this sweater with me. I can't wear a tank with it. It peaks out the front and in the entire bottom section of the back. It's too sheer for me not to wear something under it. Again showing too much for me.
This is my 3rd box and my first disappointment.  Hopefully I can help correct what's wrong in my style profile and pinterst board so this doesn't happen again and I can get some pieces for my summer trips.   After discussing my box with someone at Stitch Fix I did myself in by specifically requesting the cheaper the better this month.  I knew I needed to watch my budget if I wanted to get pieces when traveling this month and I'm thankful to my stylist for considering my budget request, but I'm finding I'm happier with the items in my other boxes that were a little more expensive.
I decided to take the $20 hit and return the entire box.  There isn't a piece I'd love to wear or I'd specifically reach for in my closet.  Stitch Fix is awesome and will be sending me a new box that might be here this weekend or early next week. So look for box 4 review next week.
<3 Ann

My 2nd Stitch Fix Box

*I wasn't paid for this review. I just really love the company and concept*
Stitch Fix is a company that works kind of like a personal shopper. You fill out a style profile and you can link them to a pinterest board.  I pretty much pin anything I really like to my board and I try to pin specific items that Stitch Fix offers as well. The box costs $20, but that $20 go towards anything you keep in the box and if you keep all 5 items you get a 25% discount off everything.
A little update about last month's great box: I decided to keep everything, but was hesitant about one of the tops and necklace. The necklace I still don't wear much and may pass it on to a friend that I think will, but that top I was hesitant on has turned out to be one of my favorite most worn pieces. The cardigan I got I don't wear as much as I thought I would, but maybe because it's warmed up or I just don't love it as much, but it's a nice piece to throw on with a basic tee and jeans when I'm running out to the store or down to the mailbox.
This month I requested a denim skirt and a polka dot top. I didn't get a denim skirt so this just leads to believe a good one doesn't exist. (I've been looking for 3 years for a good knee length skirt)
This month my box has 5 clothing pieces. The tops were a little cheaper, but a few pieces were higher than I'd normally spend for item if I was shopping, but that's a reason I love Stitch Fix. Good Quality means clothes last longer.  I just got done cleaning my closet and most the clothes I bought in the fall from Old Navy are pilling and warped that they just aren't worth wearing anymore. So I won't be shopping at Old Navy much anymore.
Anyway onto what's in my box:

Lola Ankle Length Skinny Jeans :$88
I live in skinny jeans. I own at least 5 pairs before I got these and I wear them all on a regular basis. So I was excited when I saw that these were black. I don't own a pair of black skinnies. I loved the feel of the cotton immediately. They feel better then all the jeans I own (either from Target or Kohls)  I put them on and they were a perfect fit. They sit just below my ankle and the waist is comfortable and I don't muffin top them!
I'm keeping them. In fact I'm still wearing them.
Miro Open Banded Cardigan: $68
I love layers and this is a great spring summer layering piece. It's comfortable, loose, a my favorite color.
I'll be keeping this. It'll be great for flying and for the "cool" summer nights in Orlando during summer. (I find it cold at 70 not everyone does)
Rye Houndstooth Print Tab Sleeve Top: $48
I don't wear a lot of print so this top is different for me. I don't have much shape in it, but I love the ease of it. It looks great with my new black skinnies. I think it'll also work with my mint jeans and my denim.
I'm going to have to sleep on this one.
Chaimbers Knit Cowlneck Top :$48
I've bought a few cowlneck tops in the past and never wear them, so I wasn't holding my breathe  that I'd like this one. This one is so different from any I've tried on or bought before. It's a much lower neck which I can still wear my favorite necklace with. It's a color that I don't buy for myself, but I also feel like this doesn't give me much shape. I do love the sleeve length for spring, but summer's just around the corner and it can get to be 90 in the south bay, so I'm going to sleep on this, but it's my least favorite piece.

Fiona Dot Print Sweater :$85
This was my favorite piece from the box. It's polka dots. I love polka dots. I requested something with dots and this didn't disappoint. It's a sweater with a keyhole back, but it's thin and soft and gold!
I'm keeping this no question. Now if I can bring myself to take it off that'd be great!
Well that's it until May. Without question I'm keeping 3 pieces and thinking about two. I consider this a great success. I looked at my invoice sheet from last month and this month and I had the same stylist.
Here's my link to signing up. I do get a credit when you get your first box with my link. If that bothers you, you can sign up on their site directly.
*update* I kept all 5 items again this month. Even though I don't like the Cowlneck top at all it was cheaper with the 25% off to keep it then it would have been to send it back. I've already worn the houndstooth top a couple of times and I'm glad I decided to keep it.

My 1st Stitch Fix Box

After reading so many blogs, seeing great instagram pictures, and pins on pinterest. I decided to give Stitch Fix a shot for myself.  For $20 I get a box of clothes picked out by a stylist. I fill out a style profile and and link to a pinterest board. Then about 2 weeks later I get a box in the mail filled with 5 items just for me.  The $20 I paid for the box goes towards any items I decide to keep and if I decide to keep the entire box I get a 25% discount.

Here's what I got:
Item 1: Jolan Geo Print Dress $58
When I first saw the description of this dress I got a bit worried. I don't wear a lot of prints, but I wanted to be open minded and when I opened the package. I was in love. The print is so me. After putting it on. I loved it too. When I added a necklace and a belt I felt I had a great outfit. + a cardigan and I could go from day to night or a chilly spring or fall day.
Keeping this!

Item 2: Moni Stud Detail Woven Top $58
I actually requested this item after seeing them post it on Instagram. I knew it would be a great addition to my waredrobe and be something I wouldn't have picked up at the store myself. I think it'll pair great with my mint jeans or white jeans.
In the box I loved it still. Once I tried it on I wasn't sure. The bottom of these sleeves are a bit tight, but not too bad. Once I saw myself in pictures I loved it. I still had a waist in something loose and comfortable for spring/summer.
I'm keeping it.
Item 3: Clipper Open Front Knit Cardigan $58
I'm a fan of layering. I'm always cold even in the middle of summer so I love cardigans. This one is great. I love that it's long. The color is great. It's not something I'd buy myself. (this was a trend I found in my box) I need to try it on with some t-shirts to see if it'll work with my everyday wear, but I I really like it.
Keeping this one.

Item 4: Lyvia Sheer Stripe V-Neck Top $58
I love love love the feel of this top. It's sheer, but I own plenty of tanks I can put under it. I like that it hits at the elbow and the color is great.
Keeping this
Item 5: Layerd Beaded Chain Long Necklace $38
(pictured on the sheer top above item 4)
I love me a good necklace. It's my accessory of choice.  I don't own any long ones. I never know when and how to wear them. I have mixed feeling about this one. I like that it's a mix of a shorter pendant and a longer chain. It works great with the top I got.

I decided to keep everything this month. With the 25% discount and the items I loved. It seemed worthwhile to also keep the items I liked.
You can sign up here. (this is my referral link. I'd appreciate it if you used it.