Sunday, May 12, 2013

My 4th Stitch Fix Box

After I received box 3 last week. I contacted Stitch Fix to find out what about my profile i could improve to get pieces like I had in the past.  They offered to send me another box and I accepted. Having a trip in a couple of weeks I was hoping for a few new pieces to wear. This box is a 180 from box 3, but still left me in need of tops for my trip. 

Here's what I got: Ignore the weird faces I was taking pictures quickly in a busy schedule. 
SOPHIA SKINNY JEANS $88 (I'm wearing them in all the photos) They're dark denim 
I loved the pair they sent me of these in black so it was no question that I'd love them in denim. I was actually thinking about buying a new pair of denim skinny jeans so this was great. Keeping these.


 I wanted to like this sweater, but it's textured and it's not comfortable. It's very large at the neckline, but otherwise it fit. It didn't do a lot for me color wise so back into the box it went.

I expected to hate this, but once I put it on I loved it except for one thing.  It has 2 sheer cutouts on either side. Otherwise I loved the chevron embroidery on it and the color and fit were great for me for summer.  So I put the tank back into the box and wished it didn't have cutouts. 


Catie This piece is too long to be a shirt and it's too thin without being sheer to be a dress in my opinion. It seemed to fit well, but it was too busy and too long for me to wear it. So that's a no on this. 


This top I liked. It's cute and a good color to go with just about anything, but it's too short. If I'm carrying a purse or raise my arm for anything the top is halfway up and that sort of thing drives me nuts. So back into the box it goes as well. 

So box 4 was much more promising than box 3, but I sent back 4 of the 5 items. Only keeping the jeans. Which means I'm not off to Loft and the outlets to find some pieces for summer on my own. This doesn't excite me in the least, but it's warming up and I have my first summer trip in 10 days.

(I'm still learning to blog on Blogger, but I hope it doesn't look too bad.) 

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